Sunday, August 27, 2023

Updates, some small changes and teaser

 So far there have been more posts about updates than actual content posts.  Sorry.  I appreciate the suggestions ya'all offered on some of the issues I was having - I've tried quite a few of your suggestions for alternative sites to set up the blog - Wix, Squarespace, WordPress, etc.  They all have lots of good points, but I decided to stick with Blogger after all.  I think I've found a workaround for the ordering of posts too - but more on that later.

I've added a Scrapbook page and a Contact Form page.  The Scrapbook page will be literally that - I'll be posting up images and media related to WhuddleWorld with a very brief description of each image.  And the Contact Form is for you to send me ideas or stories you'd like to share about WhuddleWorld.  And starting in September I'll be getting back to telling the WhuddleWorld saga.  Three major sections - 1) The Backstory, 2) WhuddleWorld benchmarks and general history and 3) The Surrounding stories of the staff, other adventures tangentially related to WhuddleWorld etc.

There were so many good people and so many good times related to WhuddleWorld and I hope to share that story more than anything else.  And most of the good things that did happen related to WhuddleWorld were because of people like you - members and fans.  I hope to share those memories and stories as well. 

And finally, as we head into September, let me also drop a fun teaser -there was a part of the story that happened after WhuddleWorld transitioned ownership from myself and the original development team to new management - a whole new project we started to work on.  In some ways, in my opinion, it was even better in design than WhuddleWorld - but I'll leave the rest of THAT story til later.  That's the teaser!  

Thanks for sticking around, thanks for reading and I look forward to discovering old (and maybe even some new) friends from WhuddleWorld's days gone by!

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