Monday, July 24, 2023

Bit of Personal Backstory and Sort of Update

 So, this is a drop-in post with some background that is sort of an update.  About four (4) years ago, I started having some major health issues and was diagnosed (after over a year of testing ,etc.) with a somewhat obscure disease called Vasculitis.  I'm not even gonna try to explain it here - if you want to read up on it you can, but that's not the main point of this drop-in post.  But all around the same time I was also diagnosed with other major diseases/problems as well - and went from being reasonably able to get around/take care of myself to being barely able to move around my home and wearing oxygen 24 hours a day.

 As time goes by you learn to adapt - that is one of the amazing things about being human - we don't give up, but rather we adapt.  And so after a few trips in and out of intensive care and having things more sorted, I moved into living life with all these changes.  But part of this next chapter of my life is dealing with flare-ups of the disease and related issues.  This can include extended periods where even sitting at my desk and typing can be a bit difficult/painful.

Why am I writing all this here?  Well, in retrospect I've decided that its better to post the "scrapbook" of WhuddleWorld in general, over worrying about order and other fussy organizational issues.  Life is short and diminishing health notwithstanding, I do want to share the "spirit" of WhuddleWorld - that was the entire POINT of this blog - lol!  So starting in September, if I haven't been able to find or DO the changes to the blog I'd like, I'm going to simply stick with the existing format.  I hope that you'll all understand and I hope you'll be a bit patient with me.  I am not going to disappear or abandon this blog - it just may not be as organized and/or as "quickly" maintained as I'd like sometimes. :P

Thanks for reading - hope you're all having a great summer!

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