Friday, April 21, 2023

Maintenance Already!

UPDATE:  06/07/2023:  Still looking but getting frustrated. I realize content is more important than looks - but in this instance I think that continuity in the layout is almost as important as the content itself - because otherwise some of the blog, as I was hoping to do it, won't make a lot of sense.  So a tad grumpy and frustrated - I've not given up yet - just as I said, still taking awhile to wade through (also trying to do it for little or zero money makes it more time consuming too - lol!) it all.  And I'll keep updating on my progress as well.

 UPDATE 05/01/2023:  Looking for proper site to host what I hope will be a "simple" web site.  May take awhile - at the longest 3 mos. - and if sooner you'll know right away because I'll post it here :).  Sorry for the delays.

 Hey all,

After almost 20 years of HTML and CSS, I really wanted a no fuss, no muss sort of setup for this blog.  One that all I really had to do was write up my posts and add images here and there.  Of course what I didn't think through is how limited I might be in terms of how the site behaved and looked.  Something as simple, for example, as stickying a post to the main page - not possible in this particular template.  Having a header graphic AND text, also not easily doable with a pre-designed layout.  I mean, yes, technically I can edit those things - but if you look at the code in place to provide those "stop and drop" templates like this one here on blogger, well let's just say I'd be better off learning to code then trying to edit THAT.

So what that means is I'm going to have to either purchase a simple website on a host somewhere or try to find another template/blog host that suits what I'm trying to do with this blog.  Hang in there with me - once I figure that all out, I'll post a notice here of any changes.  That does mean for a few days, not much new content until I get that all sorted out.

 Thanks for being patient with me! (Assuming you are - lol!)

Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Before the Whuddles were Whuddles

 As much as I wish it were different, I have little artistic ability when it comes to drawing and painting figures or objects. When I came up with the concept of the Whuddles, I knew that my horrible stick figures were NOT going to do.  At the time, all I really had was the idea of who/what the Whuddles were (backstory) and what they should look like. I also had no idea, at the time, about things like comps, sketches and/or whiteboards.  But, I was determined so I just moved ahead with what seemed the most logical plan - I began to look for commercial artists, cartoonists, etc.  I could go on and make the story much lengthier than it needs to be, but suffice it to say, those first contacts cost a bundle and produced very little in results.

Sunday, April 16, 2023

Quick Introduction


After almost two (2) decades since the Whuddles were created, I decided to do this blog for two very specific purposes: 

To remember, with great fondness, the concept of the Whuddles and WhuddleWorld


To put some closure on what has been a 20-year sense of failure/unfinished business to the story of the Whuddles and on my part.