Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Favorite Things for September - Snowball Fight

As one of the original creators of Whuddle World I, of course, loved everything about it - but even for me, there were things about it that stood out more than others.  Each month I'm gonna share a random "thing" about Whuddle World that was a favorite memory, event, item etc...  Please feel free to leave comments with some of your favorite things that you remember about Whuddle World!

NOTE:  Be sure to scroll down for the best part - the IMAGES! 😊

So there was this event...I believe it was our first year of being live - called the Snowball Fight.  And it was a silly little idea I came up with that everyone on the team, but me, thought would be a huge flop.   Hard to remember or describe if you weren't a Whuddle World member - but it was a simple overlay event.  The idea was that you would have snowballs you could find at random as you explored the site and once you had a snowball you could throw it at other members.  So you might log in during the event to find your Whuddletar had a little smushed snowball on the face or head. LOL!  It was simple but cute. The most exciting part of the event, from the member's perspective, was that you might discover and collect a rare Christmas ornament that you could decorate your Whuddletar with.  The ornaments had varying degrees of rarity (in terms of being found) and so EVERYONE wanted to collect as many as they could.  But even without the rare items being collected, the event was simple and silly and that made it a lot of fun just to log in to see how many snowballs you'd managed to collect, thrown and if you had any thrown at you.  Each Whuddletar even had its own little counter to keep track of the numbers.

People went WILD and I remember getting a call from one of our business partners (a grown man in his late 40's) asking, "Is there a trick to finding these snowballs?" because he was actually participating in the event . So there was not only a lot of interest, but a broad age range of those who were enjoying the fun! Our page views went nuts overnight and the Snowball Fight became one of our first surges in membership as well  It was silly, it was simple and the members LOVED it!   (I remember sticking my tongue out at our next development meeting after the event had launched and doing my version of a "naner naner" to the rest of the team - to which they all threatened to pummel me with real snowballs if I didn't stop gloating!  Heh, heh...

Below is a composite that carries most of the images created for the event.

Whuddleworld Snowball Fight Event - Dec 2006*

It probably sounds like a very "aww shucks" type of thing to say, but this brings up a warm, fuzzy sort of memory for me.  I grinned and giggled quite a bit while I searched for and pulled together all the old images I could find.  Hope you enjoy it!

*I came up with the concept of the snowball fight - the real work was done by other people - the images, created by graphic artist Katie and the code to make it all work by Jim, Michael and Will.

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