Thursday, April 4, 2024

Long Update and Status

 Ya know what?  I think too much - or rather I OVERthink things far too much.  Sadly it is a hard habit to break. LOL!

First I was worried about the perfect format and platform for this blog, then it was how and when I posted and more recently it's been the whole, rather esoteric/rhetorical question of, "Should I do this blog and why?"  The truth and reality, from a purely pragmatic and succinct POV:  I came across small groups of original WW fans out there and thought it would be great to create a place where we could all wax nostalgic and swap memories together about WhuddleWorld.

The problem is - I wasn't just one of the original WW team, I had been its originator - at least in the overall concept and backstory and I had issues.   Issues that I naively thought I could somehow put to rest by creating a sort of "memory album" blog for WhuddleWorld.  And as part of waking up to and realizing how much unfinished anger and betrayal, guilt and regret and even shame and sorrow I still had, I quickly realized that both goals were essentially incompatible.

Look, going on about it, even in this post - I'm simply trying to explain where I'm at now - and it is this:

I doubt I will ever recount my take on the original backstory of WhuddleWorld because a) it is in direct contrast to the wonderful sense of magic that WhuddleWorld really was all about and b) the more I try and explain it, the more it takes away from its intended purpose.  I don't know if that makes sense to those of you who are visiting - but I hope on some level it does.

So what that leaves is this:

1) Blogger might not be perfect, but its free and simple enough that for the most part posting is simple enough for what I'm trying to do.

2) Rather than some sort of mental health project for me (<<---blech!) this site will simply be a blog that shares and remembers bits and pieces of a very fun, almost "magical" website called WhuddleWorld.  

3)  It will remain a digital campfire for people who knew about WhuddleWorld or who hear about it and are curious to talk and hang out together.

WhuddleWorld was a community of imagination for kids of all ages and so it remains in spirit!

Dee (aka: Elder Lyrael)

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